We spend the majority of our lives in work, so why not turn your office into a workplace that actually increases productivity?

Read on for some of our top tips…


Natural light is a necessity in increasing productivity within the workplace. Funnily enough, our eyes were not actually designed to work with artificial lighting. Natural light reduces eye fatigue and makes you feel like a healthier you.

  1. Location

You spend a significant amount of time travelling to and from your office, which means location is key. If your industry works better in a quieter environment, choosing an office on the ground floor in the city centre near transport will make you unproductive and dread going into work daily.

  1. Colour

Colour is also a really important consideration when designing an office. White walls and plain desks doesn’t scream motivation. Colours can have a big effect on our mood and if bright colours increase your productivity, don’t be afraid to add splashes of colour to walls, desks and drawers.

Invest in comfort

If you work in an office, you’re probably sat in your chair for a significant part of your day, so make sure you invest in a good chair for yourself and employees. It could save you thousands of pounds in the future as staff will be less prone to back pain. Having sturdy desks, shelves and cabinets will also add character to your office, while allowing your employees to be comfortable and happy in their work area. You may also want to invest in stand-up desks. Stand-up desks not only have health benefits; a change of scenery/position will also encourage productivity.

Place to relax

Having a break out room gives your employees a dedicated place to relax, eat their lunch and be creative. Break out rooms are a vital place of the office where friendships, trust and ideas are built.

Everybody is different

You need to support different working styles if you want to get the maximum potential out of each employee. One way to do this, is to make sure you are offering a variety of spaces within the workplace. By having a quiet room, meeting room, work room, break room etc. you are allowing employees to choose a room best fit for them. If you only have one large space, then employees that are more productive in a quiet area will constantly get distracted.

Your company, your office

When a client or a potential client enters your workplace, you want them to remember you for all the right reasons! Create an office that shows off your personality, but still in keeping with the service your company offers. Have your logo and values on display throughout the office. This will subtly remind your employees what is expected of them and show your potential clients what your company aims to achieve.

Organise and tidy

If you have a small office, clutter and mess can quickly build up within the workplace. However, if you ensure each employee has their own set of drawers to keep their important documents in and you have numerous cabinets and shelves to keep the clutter out of sight, your office will instantly feel more spacious.

Office fit-outs take crucial time out of your working day, which is why Servico are here to help, leaving you to concentrate on getting the workplace just right for you and your team.

If you’ve recently relocated or are planning an office move, Servico can help with one of the most time consuming aspects of your move – assembling furniture. Get in touch today for a free quote.