About Servico

Our mission is to build reputation through reliability, where people matter.

Servico are here to support the requirements of all of our markets. We wish to grow as a company, but will only do so at a pace that does not affect our performance relationships with existing clients. The Servico Group were first established in 2001 as a furniture repair business and have grown organically into the group of companies currently trading and working in areas including repairs, assembly, restoration and decoration.

The Servico Group model has developed from those beginnings and is based today upon those early principles. Servico’s teams of technicians and tradesmen in Servico liveried uniforms and vehicles are based near you. By keeping their teams located regionally, costs are reduced and lead times maximised. This can only operate efficiently by using the most up to date technology and systems available and having a modern call centre and head office capable of linking this.

Each of the Servico Group companies offers uniquely flexible trading opportunities with their clients. Servico looks to build around the needs of their customers and not only perform better than they have previously experienced, listen to their wish lists and develop their systems and skill sets to deliver new standards in all of Servico’s partnerships

Our values are as follows:

Support and Care for colleagues, customers and partners alike. Be kind. This is a family.

Share in success and failure. There is power and strength to be found in sharing knowledge and wisdom.

Be Respectful of each other and yourself. Build respect through your actions, your reputation defines us.

We encourage Honesty. Always be truthful, sincere and credible.

Integrity is not for sale. We remain impartial and independent, offering always the best outcome before financial benefit. Without Integrity we cannot be relied upon.

Listen carefully to understand and learn. Make time for each other.

Actively Encourage with your head up and an open mind; we are ordinary people achieving extraordinary things. Enjoy what you do.

Innovation. We are always looking for better ways of doing things because we care.

Endorsed by Dale Heathcote (Group Managing Director)


Servico - Building reputation through reliability, where people matter.