Contract Upholstery

Contract Upholstery

Something you may not have known. Servico, the UK’s leading furniture repair and assembly specialist is also UK’s leading contract upholstery service.


Perhaps it’s something to do with our ability to source the best re-upholstery fabrics. Our great ‘customer first’ service perhaps. Or maybe because with technicians based all across the UK and Ireland both lead and response times are super speedy.

Servico – contract upholstery the way contract upholstery is meant to be.

Contract Upholstery for Offices, Showrooms and the Hospitality Industry

First impressions count. And so does comfort. And so does a state of good repair. You don’t need us to tell you how important the quality of your upholstery is. Or that your reputation depends on it.

So whether a professional office environment, a classy car showroom or a relaxing wine bar, of course you the appearance and standard of your upholstery needs to be A1. Brand consistent, durable, clean and in good repair.

That’s why having an expert emergency upholstery repair team at your side is such a smart thing to do. A team like Servico – a national network of reliable, professional furniture repair and fit-out specialists.

With current clients extending across high street retail outlets and pub chains to restaurants and transport providers each enjoys a timely, cost-effective and compliant re-upholstery service.

And beyond upholstery? A full commercial fit-out service for example? That too. We’ve a wealth of interior design and fitout experience to create ideal showroom or office spaces.

Relocation skills too – our assembly services there to make every move as smooth and stress free as possible.

Contract Upholstery

Why Choose Servico Contract Upholstery?

Since 2001, Servico has built up a matchless reputation for reliability, high standards and premium customer service.

A reputation founded on a ‘people first’ philosophy and an absolute obsession with  client service.

Understanding that every partner has their own priorities and goals we work hard to develop a deeper, broader, business partnership than our more ‘task-focused’ competitors. That’s why, as furniture repair specialists, contract upholstery is but a natural extension of our core business.

A knowledge of and access to an extensive range of fabrics means we can offer brand style, health and safety compliant upholstery options. Our technicians skilled in upholstery techniques delivering a professional finish every time.

Upholstery Repair for Retailers and Manufacturers

Did you know we provide a comprehensive furniture and upholstery repair service for furniture retailers and manufacturers?

In-store furniture and upholstery repair that adds value to your products and help you sell more. Our independence can also be called upon to resolve disputes between retailers and customers over furniture damage and defaults. We can’t guarantee to find in your favour but when we do, the decision is often more readily accepted by the customer.

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