• How long will it take to build?
    Our team will be in touch to advise an appointment slot when you book an assembly date.
  • How much space do you need?
    Ideally, we require a space 2 x the finished product to be able to work effectively
  • What if it develops a fault?
    All assembly and repair work is guaranteed for 12 months
  • Will you dispose of rubbish?
    No, but the team will ensure packaging is neatly bundled and moved to your disposal area
  • Will you take old furniture away?
    No we do not have provision for this and ask you to clear all work areas to give enough space for assembly to take place.
  • Will you need to take my furniture away to fix?
    In nearly every case furniture will be repaired in your home
  • Can you get the parts?
    We are able to source most parts and our team will advise cost and time required
  • How long will it take to fix?
    All repairs vary but our team will give an estimate when the appointment is made.
  • When will Servico arrange a visit ?
    As soon as you are happy with our quote an appointment will be made to suit your needs
  • How much will it cost?
    Every repair is different but an estimate will be provided with your query. The more information you provide the more accurate we will be. Sometimes we will need to view your furniture first in order to be as accurate as possible and this first visit will incur a charge.

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