Furniture Assembly

Furniture Assembly

We’ve all been there. Hacking through the instructions, screwdriver in one hand, random screw in the other, a furrowed brow, a quiet curse. ‘Surely this can’t be right?’.

Yes - furniture assembly can be as time-consuming as it can be frustrating as it can be expensive (especially with a large-scale office move or set-up).

No surprises there.

What might surprise you though is that all that pain, all that irritation, all that expense can be relieved with just a simple phone call.

The UK's leading independent furniture repair specialists, we’ve an army of skilled furniture assembly technicians ready and waiting to cure your assembly headaches.

Call 0161 368 4583 and we’ll tell you how we can assemble and build your furniture.

Nationwide. Cost effective. Ready and waiting.

Avoid the Hassle of Home Furniture Assembly

You buy a new item of furniture because you want to enjoy it - not assemble it. In fact just the thought of putting together a new bed or chest of draws is enough to drain the fun from your purchase. Not everyone likes DIY and even those who get a kick out the odd bit of flat pack can easily muck it up - damage, argument and major annoyance often the result.

Imagine? Your own furniture assembly expert - a Servico flat pack angel - trained, qualified and fully insured to do it ALL for you. They’ll even tidy up before they go.


And you’d be surprised how little it costs. Certainly less than a smashed thumb, a shredded self esteem or a once beautiful relationship turned to split pine and rogue pieces of dowling.

If it’s a question of quick, stress free furniture assembly, the answer is here - 0161 368 4583.

Time-Saving Furniture Assembly for Offices, Showrooms and More

Are you planning on setting up a new office or showroom? Relocating? Faced with the prospect of dis and reassembling dozens of pieces of furniture?

Allow us.

We’ll handle the entire process from installing room sets and assembling furniture to fitting accessories and decorating. We can even provide specialist services such as seat re-upholstery (ideal if you are rebranding).

Your time, your people, your money saved.

And with an eye for design and a proven project management record we can also advise on layouts that function as good (well?) as they look.

All projects include a 12 month guarantee £10m Public Liability Insurance cover as standard.

Little wonder the likes of Network Rail, Next, Slug and Lettuce, TGI Fridays and E.on (157 items of furniture disassembled/transported/reassembled in just nine hours!) all trust us with their office relocations.

Retailers: Add Value With In-Store Furniture Assembly

In-store furniture assembly, it’s an incredibly powerful way to keep your customers coming back for more.

For a start it takes the stress and frustration out of furniture buying. People love buying new furniture. They’re not so keen on the idea of assembling it. Now you can take care of that for them - happy customers enjoying happy furniture buying experiences.

We already work with some of the best known names in furniture retail and manufacturing, Harveys and Homebase to name just two. Independence, flexibility, high quality workmanship and unparalleled customer service as standard.

At the heart of every partner relationship is communication. Communication with both partners and their clients. Communication enabled by our unique technology and its ability to give you all the information and integration you need.

Sound good? Think you and your customers can benefit from our services too?

For all the information on our furniture assembly service call now on 0161 368 4583.


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