Furniture Repair

Furniture Repair

Does the state of your furniture embarrass you? A little scuffed perhaps? A little worn? Has your furniture seen better days? Are your guests judging you harshly?

Then send for Servico - expert furniture repairs, former glories quickly restored.

With national coverage, rapid fixes, premium workmanship and unmatched commitment to customer satisfaction little wonder many hundreds of customers turn to us each and every day to hush those wagging tongues.

From major manufacturers and retailers to home and business owners we take expert care of both their furniture AND their reputations.

Complete Furniture Repair Service

All across the UK and Ireland our team is fixing all kinds of damaged furniture:
Chairs (including electric recliners)
Chests of drawers
Media centres

From cosmetic damage, such as scuffs, scratches, tears and colour loss, to more substantial frame and upholstery repairs we’ve all the best tricks and techniques to make good.

And with our reputation only as strong as the service we deliver, whether you are a private householder, business owner, furniture manufacturer or retailer you and your customers can be absolutely sure that all your furniture repairs enjoy all our best efforts.

Domestic Furniture Repair for your Home or Garden

There’s nothing chic about shabby furniture. Damaged or worn furniture is not only unsightly, it can be expensive to replace. Why put up with shabby and why suffer the expense of having to replace furniture ‘too far gone’ when our Servico stars are on hand for quick, easy and cost effective furniture repairs?

Minimum disruption, maximum attention to detail and all the time an absolute focus on your satisfaction. Your furniture expertly rescued, your home left clean and tidy.

As a leading independent furniture repair specialist, we also offer a low cost report service. The sort of report that’s priceless in the event of a dispute between furniture retailers and customers. Manufacturing defect? Assembly fault? Wear and tear? We’ll tell you.

Talking of furniture assembly…

Did you know we assemble furniture too? Beds, bookcases, wardrobes you name it. Kits, packs, whatever you need assembling we’ll assemble it. The time saving, cost saving, relationships saving must have for any modern home. Quick, clean, low stress.

Call  0161 368 4583 to find out about our in-home furniture assembly service.

Commercial Furniture Repair for your Business

Nobody likes a down at heel venue, scruffy office or neglected reception. Word soon gets around. Less a question of whether your furniture will suffer wear and tear, of course it will, more a question of what you can do to deal with it.

At Servico we help the likes of E.On, Network Rail, Next, the Slug and Lettuce and TGI Fridays deal with it every day of the year. Reputations protected and budgets spared the costs of replacing furniture beyond repair.

How can we help you? Showroom sofa a little tired, workstations worse for wear?

Call Servico today.

Customer In-house Furniture Repair Service for Retailers and Manufacturers

There are numerous reasons that Asda, Harveys, Homebase and a whole host of leading furniture retailers and manufacturers use us for their in-house furniture repairs.


Furniture Repair

The time we save them? The money? The trust we build between them and their customers?

Perhaps it’s our independence. Maybe it’s our commitment to exemplary customer service, our high quality workmanship positive, our flexible attitude. Then again it could be down to our Smart-Serv management system and super efficient call centre integration.

In truth though it’s a compelling combination of ALL of the services that have quickly established us as the go to furniture repair service for retailers and manufacturers.

Find out more.

Call 0161 368 4583. We will run through how we can help you and offer a free, no-obligation quotation.

Servico - Building reputation through reliability, where people matter.