JD Wetherspoon Case Study

Servico Case Study JD Weatherspoons

Small Changes, Big Benefits

When you operate at the scale of JD Wetherspoon, with over 1000 pubs and an annual operating revenue of more than £1.5 billion, small positive changes rolled out across the chain will almost invariably deliver big benefits. Even the most marginal of time savings equating to potentially enormous cost savings when applied to the estate.

So imagine the upsides of slashing furniture reupholstery turnarounds from as long as 21 days down to just 10? Huge benefits for venues, for customers and of course, for the bottomline.

Sounds Like Servico

As part of this new Wetherspoons supplier-wide, timesaving, benefit boosting initiative Servico was brought in to cover an initial 336 UK sites (excluding Scotland/London/East Anglia). A trial area that, if all went well, had the potential to open up even further over time.

Says Sean Robinson, Maintenance Helpdesk Team Leader at JD Wetherspoon, “We wanted to get the work done quicker, reducing upholstery work from a 2 or 3 week turnaround down to 10 working days. And that’s exactly what Servico have done. Since they’re been with us it’s been going very well, they’ve been really responsive to the way the work, our workflows and timescales.”

So far so Good

So far so very good,” adds Servico Contract Upholstery Manager Bryan Jones, “We’re the new kids on the reupholstery block so it’s important that we work hard to make a good impression.”

At the heart of this successful new relationship? A whole host of essential attributes.

Flexibility – “Servico have really come on board with the way we’ve worked, which is differently to a lot of the chains out there,” says Sean. Comments Bryan, “We just log into their systems – it’s easy.”

Speed and efficiency – Says Sean, “Servico have done everything we’ve asked quickly and efficiently.”

Communication – “Bryan’s brilliant,” says Sean, “If there’s ever a query he’ll get straight on it and let me know as soon as he knows. I speak to him every couple of weeks if there’s ever anything we need we just bring it up with him and he gets it sorted. It works really well.”

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A Flying Start

With the flying start covering a completed project at Birmingham airport and Edinburgh, Glasgow, Heathrow and Gatwick airports also in contention focus has also turned to Ireland where JD Wetherspoon and Servico are now discussing upholstery work for their sites there.

“If all goes the way it’s gone over the last four months or so then most definitely we can start adding areas. Based on performance so far we can add more and more as we go along.”

Concludes Bryan, “All I can do is echo what Sean said, it’s a very good relationship. I’m really looking forward to the opportunity to work across the whole chain.”

“I’ve been really impressed,” concludes Jeremy, “Not only are the technology and the culture really strong think they’re really going for it as a specialist. Highly professional and consistent in the ways they train their technicians and the level of pride in the team. They’re incredibly responsive too, – I can call Dale or Darren and if they can help they will.”

A set of clear and significant competitive advantages only time will reveal the extent of the bottom line boost delivered through Servico’s work.

“I’m really looking forward to measuring the benefits over time,” says Jeremy, concluding, “What’s important is that we set ourselves up for success in the flatpack market. That’s exactly what Servico is helping us achieve.”

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