Leather Sofa Repair

Leather Sofa Repair

It’s a specialist job leather sofa repair. No doubt about it. A specialist job that demands specialist expertise. Expertise we’ve sharing with our leather sofa repair clients for more than 15 years.

Industry-leading leather sofa repair services for private homeowners, business owners, furniture retailers and manufacturers.

Domestic Leather Sofa Repair

Leather is a unique material - both a skin AND a fabric. As such, leather sofa repair demands careful and expert attention.

So whether you have a problem with tears, scuffs, colour loss, stitching or anything else to do with your sofa's leather, upholstery, frame or mechanism, you can be sure that our trained and qualified technicians can restore your leather sofa to its original glory.

Leather sofa restoration that we’ve been doing since we set up as a dedicated furniture repair business in 2001.

It’s time we’ve spent well - not only developing a formidable repair reputation but also extending our coverage. With a network of directly employed, locally-based technicians all across the UK and Ireland you can be sure that there will always be someone nearby who can come out to you, wherever you are.

And when we do pay you a visit you can not only be assured of high standards of workmanship you’re also guaranteed a commitment to customer experience. So while we complete the work to the highest specifications rest safe in the knowledge that we always act professionally and respect your home at all times.

Independent Sofa Damage Evaluation

Have you received a damaged leather sofa from a retailer or manufacturer? Are you in a dispute with them over the cause of the damage? Then how about we provide you with an independent report to establish the facts? Our leather sofa experience, our integrity and our absolute commitment to integrity means that the leading retailers and manufacturers trust us to provide an impartial assessment of damage.

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Commercial Leather Sofa Repair

Durable, sophisticated, timeless - little wonder leather is such a popular fabric in all sorts of commercial hospitality and leisure environments. Maybe you run a restaurant. A wine bar perhaps. Or a pub. Your gorgeous leathers sofa taking pride of place.

In sales and retail too. Do you welcome your visitors to your leather sofaed showroom or demo lounge?

If the answer is yes, be sure to bookmark this page or record our details. Get in touch now even!

Why? Because you never know when you might need to repair an unsightly tear or scuff or to fix an unsafe frame.

And if you are planning a refurbishment in the near future, again, our expertise can be invaluable. Not only can we help you select the right type of leather for the price, durability and effect you are looking for, we can breathe new life into tired old pieces.

Offering Leather Sofa Repair to Retail Customers

Did you know we also provide an in-home leather sofa repair service for manufacturers or retailers of leather furniture? A service you can sell on to your customers?

More than just an additional revenue stream tt’s a great added value selling point as it clearly demonstrates your commitment to customer satisfaction.

Our powerful Smart-Serv business management technology seamlessly integrates your retail business with our support service giving you customers instant access to our expert support team.

We make all components and materials used in every leather sofa repair call-out visible to your team and provide detailed performance statistics to help you analysis types of location/frequency of different defect or repair issue. We also offer a unique 12 months protection scheme under our Smart Warranty, that’s personally underwritten to cover your product range.


Leather Sofa Repair

Trusted by some of the biggest names in furniture retail

Because we’re fast AND flexible. With a locally-based, directly employed workforce we can quickly reach any postcode in the UK and Ireland.

We’re smart too. All technicians wear branded uniforms and vehicles – we look as professional as we act. Maybe that’s why some of the biggest names in furniture retail trust us to represent them in their customers’ homes.

And did you know we offer an independent report service for assessing furniture damage? This helps retailers handle disputes with independent identification of the source of any damage furniture. No finger pointing. No accusations of bias. Just the facts.

To get a free no-obligation quote for leather furniture repair call us on 0161 368 4583.

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