“Closed For Refurbishment: How Servico Repair and Refurbish Your Venue Without Losing You Money”

Emergent Properties For Emergent H&L Property Teams

Economists and academics use the term emergent properties. Others call it a ‘whole greater than the sum of its parts’. Good business people just call it good business…

What am I blathering on about? I’m talking about hospitality and leisure. I’m talking about every element of your bar, your pub, restaurant, diner or cafe working together on a conscious and subconscious level to deliver a great customer experience. A consistently great customer experience that delivers consistently great profits. I’m talking about the ambient lighting, the front of house welcome, the quality of the food and drink, hygiene, health, safety, comfort, care – the whole package.

I’m talking about harmony. The blend of all the essential H&L ingredients that magically conspire to in H&L alchemy – a popular, well supported and respected venue.

Are You Sitting Comfortably?

Good. Then you won’t need your chair refurbished. Boom boom!

And yes… the particular aspect of that H&L magic I’m talking about here? Is furniture. Because furniture’s what I do. It’s what I know. More specifically commercial furniture fitting, repairs and refurbishments. From emergency call-outs and planned/projected full scale works to simple repairs and furniture refurbishment my team works across the UK for names I’m sure you’ll be familiar with, and even frequent; the likes of Wetherspoons, Gaucho, TGI Fridays, Byron Burgers and Slug and Lettuce.

It’s a tough ask ensuring that each and every piece is on message, is maintained properly and properly contributing to the overall success of your venue but ensure you must. Once standards head south it’s the devil’s work to resurrect them.

Fail to keep on top of furniture quality, the scratches, the scuffs, the scrapes and rips and even a little wear and tear can start to deliver diminishing client returns. But it’s strange how over time, unless we’re careful, we can all get used to standards slipping. An imperceptible, glacially slow melting of reputation. Holed below the waterline.

A Stitch in Time

Leaders in the commercial furniture repair sector, we’ve been helping businesses save time, save money and save face for years. Why throw essentially sound furniture out for the sake of superficial unsightliness, especially when you can repair, repurpose and make good?

Getting your furniture professionally repaired is not only good for business, compared to replacing it with new, it’s great for the environment, and you’ll save a heap of money too with refreshed furniture – a fraction of the cost of new.

From style guides to tips, tricks and best practices we’ll help clients choose fabrics and finishes to compliment existing furniture and fittings and maintain the consistency and quality of the venue.

Or you may want a mix of new and refurbished furniture. Our team offers creative input and accurate quotes for both brand new furniture along (we can even manufacture it) with the refurbishment of existing items.

Even in the highest of high footfall venues our upgraded fabrics, finishes, furniture and upholstery don’t just offer great value for money and health and safety compliance, they’re made to last. The toughest of commercial furniture repair solutions to meet the toughest of demands.

So there’s one way to save money.

Here’s another.

Make sure you stay open during your refurb.

Open All Hours

We’ve all seen the grand ‘Re-opening after refurbishment’ announcements. And yes, if the work is tricky or extensive, structural, or super ambitious then of course it makes sense to close for business while the work gets done. But too often places pull down the shutters simply for lack of either organisation or a partner unwilling or unable to work at a time to suit your business not their convenience.

Why lose a penny to an unnecessary shut down just because your refurb provider lacks the wit and/or wisdom to work around you and in your best interests?

Not only are you losing measurable business while you’re closed, you’re losing immeasurable goodwill. Who knows what damage forcing your customers into the arms of the competition, letting them down or confusing them will cause in the long run?

Cash and reputation – you’ll want to lose neither.

Did I mention Wetherspoons, Gaucho, TGI Fridays, Byron Burgers and Slug and Lettuce?

As well as being valued clients of ours they also understand the relationship between uptime and cash in the bank intimately. At the scales these guys do things a time saving here or a time saving can equate to huge numbers. Though not all carried out on site our work for JD Wetherspoon has slashed upholstery refurbishment work from a 2 or 3 week turnaround down to 10 working days.

What makes them turn to us for refurbishment?

It could be because our planning managers at their side every step of the way. Or our ability to work 24/7. Our expert and experienced technicians maybe. Perhaps it’s the technology we use to schedule and track work – high visibility, high value work.

In truth there’s no single benefit that inspires some of the biggest names in UK hospitality and leisure (as well as many other small chains and stand alone venues) to work with us. It’s the combination of benefits.

The ‘whole greater than the sum of its parts’.

Our emergent properties.