Wood Floor Repair

Repair Wood Floor

Famous for fantastic furniture fixes since 2001 these days we do far more than just repair broken chairs and tables. Need to repair a wood floor? A split, chip, scratch or gouge? Then we’ve all the wood floor damage repair skills you need.

Highly trained, highly attentive floor repair technicians we work with all types of domestic and commercial wood, including laminate.

Have you Considered Repairing your Damaged Wood Floor?

As upsetting as a damaged wooden or laminate floor can be - that damage needn’t be terminal. Instead of having to suffer the hassle and expense of replacing a damaged floor, or covering it in carpet, now you can call us.

We can repair your wooden floor to such a high standard that you wouldn't believe there had ever been a problem in the first place.

It’s a simple enough process. A prompt arrival. A skilled, empathetic assessment. A quick high quality repair. A thorough clean up.

Minimum of fuss, maximum convenience.  Job done.

You’ll be delighted you called this number 0161 368 4583.

A Cost-Effective Wooden Floor Repair Solution for Businesses

If you run a hotel, bar, a restaurant, a car showroom or retail outlet, you’ll know the wear and tear your heavy foot fall flooring suffers. Even the most durable surface will eventually show signs of wear and tear and before too long a wood or laminate floor is bound to become chipped, scratched or gouged.

Why suffer the embarrassment? The credibility kick? Even a slightly tatty or scuffed wooden floor tells your customers you’ve taken your eye of the quality control ball - that standards are slipping.

And what about the health and safety/litigation threats? How exposed is your flooring leaving you?

Don’t risk it.

And don’t also run the risk of letting damage get so bad that you need to replace the whole thing. Expensively. Disruptively.

Call us.

A national network of repair and restoration specialists ready and waiting to restore, repair and rejuvenate your tired or damaged floors.

Smart liveried vans and uniforms. Even smarter technicians. Technicians who  understand the importance of your floor repairs, that you want them done quickly, with a minimum of disruption to your business, that you want great quality work and competitive pricing.

Repair Wood Floor

Experience The Servico Difference

We already provide expert floor and furniture repair and assembly services, contract upholstery, office builds and showroom fit-outs to some of the biggest household names in the country.

You too?

Committed. Expert. Reliable. Trusted.

Less a question of whether we can help… more a case of how.

Get all the important information now.

Call 0161 368 4583.

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