Retail Furniture Repair

Retail Furniture Repair

Do you offer furniture repair to your customers? A next level, national customer care offering does more than just show your commitment to customer care - it’s a powerful sales tool too. A service that not only wins trust but wins business. Little wonder so many retailers are beginning to offer it as standard.

A Comprehensive Retail Furniture Repair Service

We'll confidently deal with any of your customers' furniture repair requirements:

Cabinets and cupboards
Colour loss
Cosmetic damage
Foam replacement
Scratches and scuffs

Treating your customers as if they were our own they can expect nothing but punctuality, politeness and swift, skilled repairs. All technicians wear branded uniforms and all drive liveried vehicles. Each and every one will always treat your customers' homes with the utmost respect.

Our centrally co-ordinated network of locally-based technicians means we can simultaneously schedule quick and efficient repairs anywhere across the UK and Ireland.

Your dedicated account manager at your side to create a furniture repair service specific to your needs.

At the heart of our retail furniture repair is Smart-Serv.

The ultimate in scheduling and repair management systems Smart-Serv is unique in its ability to organise your repairs with the maximum of efficiency and transparency. Seamlessly integrating with your call centre, customers can be quickly transferred to our support team who will take care of them on your behalf. Any parts and components we use during the repair process will be recorded and reported to you.

Essential Performance Data - More than Just Retail Furniture Repair

Such is the power of Smart-Serv it will also monitor a whole range of performance issues and identify important trends. Furniture that consistently fails. Types of failure. Times. Places. Anything that can help inform your decision making and operational effectiveness. Anything that can help you improve the quality of your products and your service. Anything that will give you even the slightest competitive advantage.

Did you know we assemble furniture too? For you in-store or your customers at home. Whether flatpack or bespoke our assembly services not only showcase your furniture in all its glory it can make a big difference in landing a sale, particularly with time poor customers, or those who lack confidence or ability to do their own assembly.

It gets better… our Smart Warranty service provides your customers with additional peace of mind. We even underwrite our own guarantees to cover the products in your range and can liaise with your suppliers to ensure the most important spares are readily available. Our standard 12 months guarantee is also designed to be easily extended for added sales flexibility.

And what about our independent inspection service? Mediating between you and your customers in the event of a dispute over damaged furniture our impartiality means that customers are more likely to accept our unbiased findings… whatever the outcome.

Find Out More About Servico Retail Furniture Repair

Involving any third party in your retail operation is a big step. We understand that.

But when you take a closer look at the many benefits clients such as Harveys, Homebase and Parker Knoll enjoy you too will understand what makes our furniture repair service such a great business partnership. A commitment to not only helping protect your reputation, but to enhancing it.

Let’s keep the conversation going.

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