Sofa Repair

Sofa Repair

Are you are a furniture manufacturer or retailer in need of a quick, highly quality, great value sofa repair? A business? A private homeowner?

Sounds Like Servico

Our flexible, independent sofa repair service could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Handling an average 20 repairs every hour all across the UK and Ireland, wherever you or your customers are our highly trained sofa repair specialists will take expert care of all your structural or cosmetic sofa repairs.

Quality Sofa Repair Services for Retailers

Don’t let a damaged sofa damage your reputation too.

As a furniture retailer or manufacturer of course you need to offer a quick, high quality sofa repair service. A five star service is the least your customers expect.

How good would it feel to have that five star support taken care of? Everyday. Everywhere.

Working flexibly around your standard customer service policies, we quickly handle all your customer repairs. More than just delighting your customers we also quickly identify and prioritise damage caused by manufacturer defects.

An independent report to protect your firm from accusations of bias should their be a dispute over damage? It’s yours.

And because we are an industry-recognised independent company we can reassure your customers that any assessment of damaged furniture is fair.

Competitive rates? A 12 month guarantee on all work? Punctual, polite and expert staff? National coverage?

Sounds like Servico.

Domestic and Commercial Sofa Repair Service

You don’t have to be a business to benefit from our fantastic repair service.

We look after private sofa owners across the UK and Ireland too.

Whatever you need:

Scratches and scuff marks
Frame repair
Colour loss
Leather repair
Foam replacement

Coming to you at a time to suit we’ll leave you with a sofa that you can be proud of.

Sofa so Good

Commercial sofa customers also enjoy our lightning speed and sky high standards. Sofa and brand protection as one.

From offices, hotel lobbies, restaurants, bars and showrooms wherever you use sofas we’ll make sure your guests are seated in comfort and quality. After all it doesn’t takes long, particularly in high-traffic lobbies or waiting rooms for the shabby to set in. Bad for your reputation. Bad for your pocket too… a stitch in time and all that.

Signs of sofa stress? Wear? Tear?

Call now and get your retaliation in first.

Sofa Repairs? Sounds like Servico

Of course you have high expectations when it comes to quality, reliability and personality. That we serve so many people just like you with exactly the same types of sofa repair problems and have been serving them for so long tells you we know exactly what it takes to deliver that five star sofa repair service we talked about earlier.

A 'people first' philosophy, keeps our feet firmly on the ground and our attention firmly fixed on supporting you – and your customers. A maximum respect, minimum disruption approach - for example by keeping to agreed repair times wherever possible.

With highly trained and accredited technicians you can always be sure of the highest quality workmanship. But more than just good, Safe Contractor approved technicians they’re good people too. Integrity and honesty lies at the heart of everything we stand for.

An integrity that extends to pricing as well. Once we have given you a price for sofa repair, we stick to it. No smoke. No mirrors. No hidden extras. Ever.

sofa repair

Like you we rely on our reputation. Our reputation for sofa repairs or our reputation for furniture assembly service.

And like you we wouldn’t throw it away for the sake of a few pounds here or a few pounds there.

Need a price?

Some advice?

Case studies? Testimonials?

Let’s talk sofa repair.

Here’s the number – 0161 368 4583.

Servico - Building reputation through reliability, where people matter.