In such a competitive industry, shops are constantly looking for new ways to maximise profits and ensure the right customers are coming through the door.

An important factor in achieving these goals is ensuring your showroom is well designed, appealing to the customer and functional.

Appeal to the senses

A clean, tidy, well-lit shop can make all the difference to a customer’s shopping experience. Harsh lighting, loud noises and strong smells such as paint or varnish can all be incredibly off-putting.


Select your top selling or most eye catching products for a bold and functional display.


Any items that you have on the wall or on the shop floor need to be justified. If you can’t find a reason to have a product or shelf on display, then it’s probably better not to!

Think like a customer

Keep customer seating areas towards the back of your showroom to create a relaxed environment – and don’t forget to call Servico to assemble seating!

Don’t forget the little things

Small aspects of showroom design such as appealing décor, comfortable furniture and quality fittings can make all the difference.

Servico can help with all aspects of showroom installation from decorating services to room sets. We can assist with the fitting of accessories such as blinds and our experienced technicians can carry out any required repairs.

Our furniture assembly service comes with a 12 month guarantee and £10m public liability insurance, giving you peace of mind that your showroom is built to last.

If you require our services, why not get in touch today for a free no obligation quote.